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“Don’t They Know How Hard It Was In The Beginning?” – Frustrated Founder


Avatar Business Audio Theatre April 27, 2021 61

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It was bad enough before work-from-home became the norm. Employees know little about the history of the company they work for. Sure, they got a written timeline or a video from the CEO as part of the onboarding procedure. And later, they got the constant presence of the Founder in the workplace. But now, with work-from-home, “take-it-for- granted” is becoming the dominant culture.

When founder’s see this happening in their own company that took years of blood, sweat, and tears to establish, years of sacrifice and uncertainty to finally stabilize, and years of anxiety and sleepless nights to succeed, no wonder they ask, “Don’t they know how hard it was in the beginning?” But the fact is, no, they don’t!

The Problem with 1st Person

You can sit them down and tell them your story, but that would be in the first person, risking a self-serving, almost patronizing posture. You can record a video in which you describe your humble beginnings, but again that’s you telling them. You can write a book and hope they read and remember it, but that’s unlikely due to the time and immobility required.

The 3rd Person Advantage

Or you can do something much more effective, compelling, and memorable. You can use the popular audio format which they favor. They can hear your story in the third person with actors playing the parts in seminal scenes from your journey, complete with outcomes, music, and sound effects.

Efficient and Popular

You can use Business Audio Theatre to perform your story for a fraction of the investment of a movie, but with all the cinematic impact. You can deliver your story in an audio format, so they can hear it when they want and where they want. It’s screen-free and page-free, truly mobile, and it’s entertaining!


Imagine, you are not telling them about your history, they are experiencing your story through actors. They become emersed in your challenges and breakthroughs. They identify with your values and principles. They identify with what your goals are. As your story unfolds they can’t help but be pulling for you to succeed in the face of adversity. The result? Buy-in can only happen when, even as observers, they experience what you went through to create the business and the job that supports them.

It’s hard for employees to take the history of your company for granted when they know the story. It’s hard to take it for granted once they identify with the founder and the mission. Now your employees know they are not just making a living, they are making a difference.

Value Alignment

And isn’t that what the new generation wants today? They are starting new families and are naturally concerned with the implications of where they work on their family’s welfare. They are looking for jobs where they can identify with the founders. Any job they hold without “buy-in” is just a temporary job until they find the right one.

Why not show them that they have the right job, with the right company that aligns with their values? Why not take them along on the journey from inception to monetization through a third-person audio play that entertains, inspires, and welcomes them to write the next chapter?

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