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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Now?

This is your best opportunity to tell your story while it’s still fresh in your memory, while you
are still involved in your business, and while others, key to the story, can contribute. (more)

What is the ROI?

Employee training, engagement and motivation, customer loyalty, vendor support, investor
backing, new employee attraction, and inspiration for students and aspirants. (more) …and (more)

How much is the investment in time and money?

Like co-authoring, the financial investment and the time commitment are based on word count. The founder schedules time for interviews, reviews, and approvals. (more)

Will this help with recruitment?

By making your business story available on your site and through your social channels, you can attract the people who identify with your story, your principles, and what your company stands for. This is becoming ever more critical today. (more)

Will this help with a remote workforce?

The Business Audio Theatre platform is a downloadable and familiar form of infotainment.
Business Audio Theatre provides remote employees with an entertaining and educational form of training, which gives them more appreciation for their company. (more) …and (more).

Can this help get remote employees back to the office?

Business Audio Theatre can help reboot your company’s workplace culture with true story that results in renewed engagement and enthusiasm for the job. Since it is performed and not just narrated, it brings the story to life in realistic “3-D Audio”. (more)

What is the Process?

There will be an initial interview to discover the aspirations of the founder and to determine the scope of work. Shortly thereafter, the founder will be presented with a proposal. After the proposal is agreed upon, scheduled interviews are conducted with the playwriter. After the
audioplay script is approved by the founder, casting is done. Next, the voices for the characters are presented and once approved, the recording begins. The founder will have the opportunity to review and approve various stages of the recorded script, sound effects and music. The founder’s complete story is delivered in the final MP3 files. (Flow Chart)

Why should I engage Business Audio Theatre to perform my story?

Feel confident with the most experienced and award-winning audio theatre team committed to bringing your story to life. The original founders of Business Audio Theatre will personally oversee every aspect of production from interview to final approval. Your Business Audio Theatre team has been recognized by the Audiobook Publishers Association as Finalists for the 2020 Business Audiobook of the Year. (More) …and (More)