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An Employee Experience that Attracts the Kind of People You Want


Business Audio Theatre October 9, 2020 14

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As an employer, you naturally want to attract the kind of employees, associates, and outsourced help that can identify with you, your story, your company, and your goals. Like never before, folks want to know what you stand for – even before they apply. In fact, that may well be the reason why they apply at all.

The Employee Experience …Expanded

Today employees want to know that they are making a difference in the world. Their job is not just how they are able to pay their bills, but how they sleep at night. It’s clear that identification with the founder, history, and values of an organization play heavily in the total employee experience.

A Narrow View

Yet to read the latest HR articles on the employee experience, it’s easy to get the idea that it’s all about quick response to employee needs, providing the best training and technology, efficiency, and career path. You get the idea that it’s all about giving them the best tools to do their job at their best ability. And it is, to a degree.

The Dilemma

But how can they do their best if they disagree with the company’s impact on the environment, the health of the earth, or the rights of their people and customers? How can they be “happy” when every other aspect of the “employee experience” is satisfactory, if they are not proud of the ethics and principles of their employer?

Attract the Right Talent

And how do employees discover who you, as an employer, are and what you stand for? Well, you can tell them, but that will be in the first person and can sound rather preachy or patronizing. You can write it, but again, it’s you, talking about yourself and your story. It can be in a manual, but they won’t see that until after they are hired. Or you can have third parties endorse you and your company, but that can seem a bit contrived. All of these methods are used in advertising and they all have limited effects, especially on employees.

A New Experience

We propose a new way to get the word out about your company, its history, and what it stands for – beside excellent goods and services. It’s a new way to tell your story through actors playing you and the people with whom you have interacted on your entrepreneurial adventure.

It’s a way to demonstrate your values and principles in exciting scenes that dramatize your most salient challenges, breakthroughs, learnings, and insights. It’s a way to show your humanity, humility, and resilience. In short, it’s a way for employees to identify and pull for you as you overcome the odds to ultimately create the company and their very jobs.

And it’s a way for them to discover the company they want to work for, the company that shares their values. In fact, wouldn’t you like your applicants to experience your story before they even applied?

The Ultimate Onboarding Tool

Now, Business Audio Theatre makes this all possible. The Silicon Review says, “A well-scripted, fully casted, entertaining, and professionally performed audio play in audiobook form is the best channel to reach your employees and target audience as it is highly measurable.” Forbes says, “A transformative idea, not just narrated, performed!” And Mark Hindler, 30-year HR specialist and corporate trainer says, “I’ve never heard anything like this! So much more engaging than simple narration or text. You’ve brought the story to life!”

So let us bring your story to life so the rest of what you are doing to create an excellent employee experience has a solid foundation that gives your people the purpose they are seeking. Want to hear what Business Audio Theatre Sounds like? Click on “Samples”  Interested in hearing more? Give us a shout!

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